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Chemar Rurociągi, as a company operating in accordance with the principles of corporate social responsibility, takes special care not only to comply with the regulations of law but also promotes the use of good practices aimed at sustainable development in accordance with the ethical standards set for itself. We are aware of clearly defined standards of conduct in both social and professional relations. Complying with the principles of ethics is a source of values positively affecting our work, regardless of the performed tasks. This applies not only to the behaviour of our employees but also to our business partners.

Our common goal is to make Chemar Rurociągi Sp. z o.o. as far as possible implement the chosen strategy and achieve success while acting in accordance with the principles of fair trade referring to a coherent, and common to all of us, system of values. The ethical principles that we are obliged to follow in internal relations between employees and with the external environment, in particular with our business partners, have been clearly defined in the „Code of Business Conduct of Chemar Rurociągi Sp. z o.o.”

We believe that we can fully realize our aspirations only if we act in accordance with good practices and established good customs described in detail in the internal procedures of Chemar Rurociągi Sp. z o.o., i.e.: „Mobbing and discrimination prevention” and „Corruption prevention”, which are an integral part of the Code of Business Conduct of Chemar Rurociągi Sp. z o.o.

Remember that the above documents do not release us from the obligation to make an independent assessment of the situation in order to ensure the functioning of the organization in a way that builds the good reputation of Chemar Rurociągi. We want the guidelines in force in the company to be a model for our activities in relations with our associates, customers, suppliers, competitors, social and natural environment by indicating key patterns and ethical standards in our organization.

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