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Chemar Rurociągi Sp. z o. o. offers technical condition assessment services of high-pressure pipelines upon exceeding the calculated working time, further operation forecasting, and modernization and maintenance suggestions. We also help prepare Technical Inspection registration documentation and fixtures and their regulation assessment. Inspections are carried out pursuant to a diagnostic procedure approved by the Office for Technical Inspection.

Scrutinizing pipeline elements aims at prolonging the safe operation time by approximately 120 000 - 130 000 work hours and/or preparation of service and maintenance recommendations allowing for safe use of a pipeline.

All specialists performing this work have suitable education and experience in this area.


CHEMAR RUROCIĄGI Spółka z o. o. ul. Olszewskiego 6, 25-663 Kielce,
tel. + 48 413 675 800, kom. +48 782 110 108